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“Life is like a piano… what you get out of it depends on how you play it,” Albert Einstein.

That’s what I agree with. Often you're asked questions where rather than not having the answer because you can’t answer it, you don’t have the answer because you need more knowledge and specifics of the inquiry in hand.

I don’t feel that I am properly armed to tell you whether therapy is a thing for all. I can offer random thought and ideas based on experiences that I’ve had, that I’ve seen, and that I’ve heard; but that will only give you the gossip part of my intake. I will not be able to support it in a reasonable and academic approach.

Having said that, I do know (we all do; no mystery here) that both therapists and patients are human beings, rational individuals who are far from perfection and, most of the time, travel through life trying to improve, hoping to find their best self. But, when encountered with each other, if one is not willing to follow the rules of the game the other one cannot play her/his part to the fullest of her/his ability. Just one example, out of a few others, to illustrate my point: a teen who is aware of the therapist’s job and the parent’s intentions and clever enough to answer what she/he thinks the therapist wants to hear.

So, my question to you is: Is everyone willing to play?

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