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Continued Life Education Should Never Stop

It all started when…

it ended. I had completed a part of my life journey in a country where I will not see the light of day ever again. I took my first flight to my maternal grandparent’s land, and it was in Spain where I realized that no matter where I ended up, I had to make it happen. I soon moved to New York City where part of my family had already rebuilt a new life. We were doing it all over again, just like my Galician grandparents had done in the beginning of last century. The only difference was that they were new times.


Fast-forwarding to today, I realized that I did not become a Journalist for no reason, a Life Coach just because, and a university Professor out of coincidence. I have a path to follow, people to help, and a life to fulfill, supporting others to achieve goals and find their purpose. For this, I use my communication voice through writing and podcasting, and my teaching skills to create and deliver courses and programs that will contribute to the growth of my community, to my millennial students, to people in their mid-life stage, like me, who need to restructure their life during these pandemic, unprecedented times. That’s why I created Coaching for Life Goals and launched The LIFE WITH PURPOSE and CAMINO CON PROPOSITO VIDEO-PODCASTS as a token of appreciation to my mom who is an honest, hard-working woman, a true artist with an incredible voice, and who taught me so much in this life.

And now, I am honored to launch this part of my entrepreneurial venture, dedicated to my dad, a professor and an endless student of life. He always wanted to have a school, but being an immigrant is not an easy thing when you arrive to a new land. So Dad, this one's for you!

The Coching for Life Goals Academy 

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