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She has arrived to the island, 21 Century

Five minutes ahead of time

Always early, always late

Without her knowing

Without ever a second chance

She won't see him, won't break it

He's there askew, the same, immobile

Always waiting for her, doing nothing and all

Expectant for what shall never come

Laboring in his life routine and boredom

Sitting by the death of her unseen eyes

Guilty of losing her under so many past moons

She loved him, unknowingly, in innocent stupidity

Too young to capture the essence of the feeling

Prohibited heresy of all times

Unaware of the cruelty that severed her existence

In awe of the love he professed, he stained his soul

with yet another death under his wings

Consumed by eternity, always waiting

To have that moment repeated today

She fell in his arms and he in her

Until she passed with the scream of the sword

Drops of snow and blood scattered covering their skin

And he lived to wait for her robbed love

While she remained stranded, in between

In her youth, she only felt his hands

His warm breath of desire, as young

A judging priest could not erase the truth

The hidden knowledge of their ancient love

Rekindled, relived and prohibited again

As their matching bloods became this time the sin

He felt her body close, though not for long

For she, once again, scurried through his fingers

Paris was the setting of their fire

Smoke galore and sequence in the air

Just one look and she was his Cinderella

And once again, he was her prohibited king

He was her favorite as something in her memory

Brought her back to fancy she once knew him

This man was elegant, a real gentleman

And she was the circumstantial sweetheart as before

In the wrong place, as always his predilection

With the same untamable love for him

By the shore he wrote, Je t'aime

She was captivated by his manly chest

They loved each other as an old piece of antique

That belonged to others in the distance

Until again she was taken forever

And she made a new world to forget him

He remembers now time and time

She knows why they can't be together

Their mistakes were repeated unrestrained

Or was it life powers, higher judgements

Not wanting to allow a love so pure

Playing to break these unbreakable souls?

They got smart this time around

It hurt to hear from him and not to talk

His pain is deep to know she's not with him

But it must be done this way

For they and their love will win

The prize to, in time, be together

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