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Coaching For Life Goals (CFLG) was born in 2007 from the idea that I had of combining my other two passions, Journalism and Teaching, with Coaching. As a Journalist, I leaned be unbiased  and truthful when reporting facts. As a teacher, I bowed to be committed, compassionate, and willing to share all possible knowledge given to me. As a Certified Yoga Instructor, I try to practice the act of giving (one of the 8 limbs of Yoga) whenever possible. As a Catholic, I try to follow the principle that one should help and respect thy neighbor and wish upon them the blessings we do upon us. I realized that all these concepts of career, religion, beliefs and ideas meet on common grounds: to contribute to the evolution of humanity and the evolution of the human race on this planet. Through CFLG, I want to be part of that growth. I want to leave a legacy, even if adding just a tiny grain, for my daughters, for my niece, for the children of the future, and for generations to come. So, coaching, supporting, and helping others to attain a balanced life of happiness and success, physically, mentally, and spiritually is my greatest mission,

The Coaching for Life Goals 
Personal Programs

You will find on this website a decent selection of coaching sessions, mentoring programs and digital courses for you to sign up and begin, at your own pace, to create that change you want to see happening in your life.


Make sure you look through each of them, reading the description of what they offer and how you will benefit in your personal development, professional advancement and life growth.   

Each service was designed for specific needs, taking into consideration some demographics such as age stages and generational groups. They are also exclusively created for those who seek help and support in certain areas of life. 

To support these coaching sessions, workshops and courses, we invite you peruse through the Free Resources we made available for our visitors, so it is easier for you to understand what you'll be getting when you're ready to sign up for one of our signature items in the service area.




CFLG Workshops

As I was preparing the material for my Life With Purpose Video Podcast I realized that many of the topics I was researching to be ready to interview my guests were closely related to my methodology of teaching and coaching. So, I started creating short workshops to help my audience as well as my clients. Some of the content I also retrieved from the free resources I offer right here on my website, your safe place :O) 


Business Coaching Explained

Life Coaching Explained

How to Create Your Own Podcast

The Wheel of Life Explained

The Wheel of Business Explained

Mid-Life Unplugged.

Empty Nesting - Revamping Your Life, Once Again

The 5Ws and 1H of Life Revisited

 Identifying Natural Abilities and Talents

Journaling, A Form of Growth 

How to Maintain Alive the Flame of Love 

The Art of Listening

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