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MY BUSINESS NAME IS…ta ta ta tannnnnnnnn!


Many people would love to be able to own a small venture or their own company. However, when facing the topic of business ownership, a great majority of them lower their shoulders, hunch their backs and put on the mask of impossibility. Read along to find out which is you:

"That's not for me!" And that's it? It is all in the state of mind and what your beliefs have been telling you throughout your life. You have been living with the impression that this idea is way too far from your porche; a subliminal concept you've come to accept. First off, I invite this group of people to establish a closer friendship with themselves by:

a) Taking some time to understand a bit deeper who they are as individuals

b) Getting to know more of what they like

c) Realizing the things they know and how well they know them

d) Sitting back and watch for a while the scenes of what they normally experience every day

Once you have clearly put this into perspective, you can be open to great possibilities. Now, you can have a vision of how this can be turned into some kind of income, your own business. My recommendation to this group is to begin by brainstorming and taking notes on the things they're passionate about, enjoy the most, and deeply believe in.

"I admire those who own businesses, but I will never..." These ‘future business owners,’ as I like to call this group, think they won't be able to own their own company, ever. They genuinely believe that this is because they don't have the money, the know-how, the tools, the contacts, or the skills to do it. I might add here also, the VISION, the DRIVE to do it.

All they need is to make the SHIFT from hopelessness to fervor. Know that IT IS, indeed, doable and there’s no need to come from a family of entrepreneurs or have a degree in finances to accomplish this; as long as you fervently get your mind to it. True, everyone may have to begin from a different starting point:

a. An old model car or bike

b. An old computer version or just a pencil and some loose papers

c. A seat on a park bench or in a Starbucks

d. Just some change or singles in their wallets

Some might have to do some self study:

a. Register to a number of free seminars, workshops and webinars

b. Read some relevant books or available online information

c. And even talk to people in the same field that are always willing to assist and offer their insights

It all depends on where you find yourself at the moment and what you bring to the table. But don’t let this stop you. Don’t use this as an pretext to say “I will never…” The target will always be right in front and, once you hit it, you will be proud of yourself.

"You're not cut out to be a business owner" Says who? Ok. I have heard many of my clients humbly express to me their desire to open "a little business" but, ever since they were children, or younger, or insecure for one reason or another, they've heard the same rhetoric from relatives, friends, co-workers and supervisors. This has affected them so much to the point that they came to embrace this notion and wholeheartedly believe that they will never, never, ever accomplish anything along the lines of entrepreneurship and business development.

Three pointers here for this group:

a)Check your heart b)Check your mind c)Check the people who wittingly, or not, codified this message in you.

Now, pick up the eraser, or hit your imaginary Delete key, and make the following disappear: Negative thoughts, Feelings of incapability, and ANY comment that does not contribute to your goal. Once you’re alone with yourself and a cool glass of wine, a delicious cup of tea, a crystal clear glass of water, or a nice cup of coffee (whatever rocks your world), it's time to begin. So, next, redirect your mind to the following thoughts:

1) I've always wanted to (fill in the blank)

2) I am passionate about (fill in the blank)

3) I want to contribute with (fill in the blank)

4) I will start (today or tomorrow)

5) I will begin with step one which is (fill in the blank)

6) My deadline(s) is(are) (fill in the blank)


In any of the cases above, hold yourself accountable without excuses, and make it a point to check your progress regularly. You can either give it a shot on your own or with a Professional Business Coach by your side that will make sure you follow through successfully.

Let’s begin!

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