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5 Things to do that will uplift your spirit while building your business, while working from home.

This is an excerpt from the content I create for my Mid-Lifers Elixir Private FB Community Group dedicated to members who seek to find drops of wisdom that will open a window with direct access to possibilities that they never thought were available to them. This is also part of the material in one of the virtual courses I offer through my company Coaching for Life Goals.

In the Mid-Lifers Elixir Private FB Community, members find support and get help to find answers to life questions, solve conundrums, and help them gain the strength they need to simply, go on. Here is a link if you wish to join

This Mid-Lifers Elixir FB group was conceived out of the need I noticed during my interactions with my podcast and videopodcast audience, my Live streams on Social Media viewers, in my behavioral coaching virtual and in-person sessions, and with my university students and their parents. We all were in our 40s, 50s and 60s and had one thing in common: LIFE.


Below you will find 5 things you can do in your environment that will uplift your spirit and inspire you while working from home, creating your business, or brainstorming ideas for projects you thought of during this pandemic times that will help you grow and develop in all areas of your life. The key is organization and cleanliness.

1. Find a space just for you.

a) It could be a corner in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or balcony, if you live in a small apartment, but it will be YOUR corner, YOUR VERY OWN space.

b) It could be in one of your favorite rooms in your house.

c) It could be somewhere on your backyard, or your front porch.

2. Explore your decorative skills and dress up the place with items that are meaningful to you.

a) A special table, chair or book shelf with your favorite copies.

b) Your favorite curtains or lighting fixtures, colorful or decorative light vines around your computer, window or tree/plant.

c) Certificates, awards, or diplomas, or recognitions you’ve earned through your career; frames, inspiring messages, significant souvenirs from your trips.

3. Clear and declutter your entire living area so all you see is clarity and cleanliness.

a) Dust your furniture regularly. Apply a nice, lemon-scented solution for leather or for wood. Clean your windows and glass surfaces.

b) Vacuum your carpets, clean your rugs, and clean the floors with a nice fresh scented solution that reminds you of the ocean breeze or fresh linen.

c) Keep your drawers and your closets impeccable. Nicely fold each cloth item and keep everything in place. As much as possible, maintain order in your creative space so you know where everything you need is.

4. Check your lighting and choose the type of light and tones you want to use to highlight your environment.

a) You can choose from compact fluorescent, halogen metal halide, neon, high intensity, low pressure sodium lamps; warm or bright lights.

b) Choose your favorite light bulb colors, or use candles to create your special space.

c) Work by a window or sliding/French doors where you have natural light; or outside when possible to enjoy the benefits of the sun, fresh air, and natural sounds such as the wind, birds singing, or the ocean (if you are close to it).

5. Buy healthy snacks and drinks of your preference so you can enjoy and nourish yourself while creating, working, and thinking.

a) Prepare flavored teas to drink hot or iced, depending on the weather or your preference.

b) Have bottles of water with lemon, cucumber and strawberry pieces for natural flavor.

Prepare serving size portions of dried fruits or in zip locks, or cut fresh fruits (berries or oranges, pineapple, peaches, and bananas) in a bowl for easy access.

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