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Writer, Public Speaker &

Life/Business Coach

Laura M. Sanchez-Ramirez

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Showcasing the books I've written and podcasts to help audiences learn deeper about my topics during my Public Speaking engagements and clients in my Life Coaching sessions. Along with other authors who have written their stories.

Meet Laura

Transformational Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Writer, Journalist, University Professor, Creator of Hybrid Courses & Workshops, Certified Yoga Instructor, Camino de Santiago Pilgrim, and Entrepreneur Founder of The Coaching for Life Goals Academy, and Producer of the LIFE WITH PURPOSE and the CAMINO CON PROPOSITO Video Podcasts.


I am Laura M. Sanchez-Ramirez and I want to welcome you to my virtual home and your safe space.

I realized that past generations lacked much needed support from mentors, coaches and modern guidance, easily available today for everyone. Out of my journalistic instincts and a family with a history of Educators and Entrepreneurs, I yearned to find a way to further contribute to society and its people. This encouraged me to advance my studies and become part of  the Knowledge Industry.  So, in parallel with a career in journalism and teaching higher education, I developed Coaching for Life Goals

My VISION is clear: To have a positive impact on the entire planet for generations to come, and reach as many people as possible from all walks of life, to help them carve a safe path to an improved, happy, and conscious-driven life.  

My MISSION is immutable: It became a delicious obsession to be able to contribute to elevating the lives of my clients, students, readers, SM followers, podcast listeners, YouTube Viewers, family, and friends, by supporting them in their journey of personal growth, so they can explore and tap into each area of their life to identify where specifically they need to improve.

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"On her video podcast Life With Purpose, Laura M. Galdo interviews multi-passionate people from diverse backgrounds about their heart-centered businesses. She listens deeply, guiding the interviewee on a self-reflective journey--a cathartic experience for all involved. Laura highlights women from all backgrounds and age groups. Her broad roster of interviewees inspire with their unique perspectives, bringing us back to one, main universal truth. We all have a purpose, we just need to be brave enough to live it. Her podcast gives you the tools and the inspiration to do so. It was a privilege to be a part of the experience firsthand. Thank you, Laura, for doing this meaningful work.

~ Tracey-Ann Rose

Writer, Actor, & Founder of Acceptance Is Power Coaching

"I was absolutely fascinated with all the precious knowledge and information Ms. Laura provided for my future career as an entrepreneur in her master-level class at Miami International University of Arts and Design. Her empathy for students and love for coaching is obvious. She has a special way of making her students become more and more competitive and interested in topics that for others may seem pure science." Oana Jarca, Luxury Brand Management Specialist.

"Ms. Laura was an excellent teacher, mentor, and educator. When she's giving her workshops, she works hard to keep her classroom integrated and tech-advanced. I learned exceptional marketing methods and skills, ones I’m sure will help me significantly in the real world."

~ May Hamid, Art Director, Graphic Designer, and Writer.

"It is a pleasure to recommend Laura, whom I met in our Professional Coaching Program. Laura was extremely dedicated, always assertive in her interventions, not afraid of going the extra mile. She understands those around with kindness, positivism, and a big smile; great qualities for a Life and Business Coach to have. Her willingness to understand each client and guide them toward their path to success in each area of their life is unprecedented. Nathalie Bayley, MBA, Project Manager.

Laura is one of the most inspirational people I've had the pleasure of coming across in my career. Not only was her mentoring program built with enthusiasm and positive energy but with valuable insights on industry experience and real-world practices within the class settings that helped us build character, confidence, speaking skills, copywriting skills and strategic thinking. ~John Gordillo, Digital Marketing, Branding & Creative Strategist.

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