"Coaching for Life Goals helped me belief in myself again, as I gained the confidence I needed to fulfill my long-time dream. Thanks to the support I received through my coaching sessions, I am now happy to call myself a proud small business owner," Victor B.


"When I first called [CFLG] for a free session, I wasn't sure of what I was going to ask or talk about. In less than 5 minutes, my coach was able to help me figure out what area in my life I, not only needed, but was ready to improve. That was the beginning of a professional relationship that contributed immensely to my life growth," Tracey E.


"At Coaching for Life Goals I learned the difference between Therapy and Life Coaching. I had been under the impression that they served the same purpose, only had different names. My coach helped me understand that I needed to acknowledge each of them individually if I wanted to embrace change and progress in my life," Sharleen S.


When I came to this country, I wanted to stay here and start a new life...to see if the American dream was a real thing. I called them [CFLG) and they helped me with education and career guidance," Mohammed A.