I usually try to stay away from politics and act upon it on a private manner, only discussing my views when it’s appropriate and among family and friends who welcome my opinion and whose opinions I respect. While this is true, as a journalist at heart, there are times I feel the urge to voice my thoughts and practice my freedom of speech. In doing this, I always hope to be able to do it in the outmost respect for everyone and that I won’t hurt those who might then turn my words into political incorrectness, be offended, or twist my statements in a way I never intended.

During the last few weeks of political distress, enragement, ups and downs and unprecedented approach to campaigning, I have been very much in tune with the latest happenings. Like many fellow Americans and US residents, I could not ignore the facts and had to turn my head to reality. I have to say that, before anything or anyone at all, we must respect our police and military. No matter the color of their skin, cultural background, place of birth, gender, sexual orientation, or level of education. Further, we must acknowledge what our founding fathers did before us to make this country worth of dreaming and believing that a prosperous life can be achieved. An improved life, not with the works of others, or the money from people’s taxes or by taking away a percentage of the earnings of those who acquired their capital through hard labor and dedication; but through our own efforts and desire to grow as human beings, as professionals, as better individuals than generations behind.

As for what is being projected in the news, it is detrimental and embarrassing to watch the insults, false hopes, school children bickering, lies, government fraud, and general disrespect to voters from this great nation, from both sides of the current political spectrum. This is certainly not what our founding fathers had in mind for this country.

Some people from outside of the United States are laughing and happy to see us running aimlessly like chickens with our heads cut off. Others who honestly appreciate this land of opportunity, where dreams still come true if you want and work hard to accomplish your goals, are truly hurting for us. Let’s wake up and remember our core values, ethics and civism. Let’s love our police, our leaders when deserved, our veterans. Let’s do this for our children. Let’s act like the colosal nation we are.