NEW YORK, Roosevelt Island – Feb. 1, 2016 - Writing down yet another list for new year's resolution -and actually seeing it through- was more important than ever for Coaching for Life Goals (CFLG) company owner Laura M. Sanchez-Ramirez. It wasn’t just a new year’s game. It was a MUST.

Originally founded in Miami, FL, in 2006, CFLG was re-launched in New York City this year to assist clients who need guidance in their businesses, careers, education, and life in general. Sanchez-Ramirez decided that, after 25 years of working in the Communications field and teaching higher education, something was still pending.

"All along in my career, I kept having this feeling of dissatisfaction,” Laura recalls. “I always felt there was an immediate need to reach out to the community, more than just through interviewing a source or publishing a news story.”

Laura says that the stories she covered while working in the Journalism and Media Relations fields did not help people directly. Many times she found herself wondering what happened in the lives of her old news sources, and hoping she would have been able to, somehow, contribute to improve their situations. Some of these were women who wouldn’t find their place after their children left the nest, foreign professionals unable to revalidate their degrees, parents who lost their children to drugs and alcohol, entrepreneurs who had business ideas but didn’t have proper guidance, children who were bullied and abused at home and in schools, teenagers who struggled with themselves and their families, seniors who lost their homes or fell into a great state of depression after they retired, a homeless person under a Miami bridge, a war veteran lost in a unknown world upon his return, an artist who had to abandon her dream for not having the money to pay for her studio rent.

“And the stories went on and on,” Laura remembers. “But they were just that, stories and nothing more.”

Similar circumstances were encountered in the schools where Laura taught international students. Her first experience in a classroom setting began when she was still pursuing a BA degree, and worked as a part-time ESL teacher for an adult education school; and, later, taught Reading Comprehension and Grammar in a community college, where her students were also from various countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Even back then, Laura knew that an extra mile needed to be taken in order to find new ways to help them accomplish their goals.

Most recently, Laura had the honor to teach at an Arts and Design university where, she taught classes to young students hoping to graduate with a BA degree and, either successfully return to their lands, or remain in USA in search for a more prosperous life.

“But I felt again that, still, there wasn’t much more I could do,” Laura says. “Some of my students needed real guidance with their education, career decisions, work issues, and personal turmoil; and my hands were tight.”

Stories of despair and sacrifice, hope and dreams, added to the increasingly growing desire of Laura to switch gears and further develop CFLG.

”Coaching for Life Goals was born with the purpose to honor every news source, student and friend (young or less young) I met somewhere along my life and career paths; and from whom I humbly learned many lessons.”

Laura M. Sanchez-Ramirez is a journalist, professional life coach, writer, and public speaker. Additionally, she has enhanced her life and career experience in the areas of public relations, marketing, social media, presentations, radio production, business development, yoga teaching, and higher education.

During her bilingual (English/Spanish) career trajectory, she has written for multiple national publications as well as for local newspapers and magazines; worked as news producer for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC); served as university professor; has been coaching clients from various professional backgrounds and countries since 2006; and is currently working on 4 books, poetry (in Spanish), recipes and life tips (Spanish), Life Coaching (English) and a novel (English).

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